About me….

So, you have dropped by and found me – whether you meant to or it was via a mistake or searching and discovering this site via my tags or blog comments, I thank you….

Well you are still here and you haven’t clicked away yet, this site is basically a way for me to comment on things, my observations and thoughts on my daily life, social life and business life – they may be seen to be funny, serious, argumentative or a rant but hey ho, it is my page and my views after all…..

So, a little about me then…..

In a fast snippet format, as I was leaving school, I did some part building work, then studied Building Studies at College and University whilst working in the building industry. From there, I fell into security and then into telecoms and now working for myself in the areas of procurement, management, telecommunications and Social Media. So, there is my work life over the 30 odd years.

Personally, where do I start….well I have two girls Kelly-Marie and Ann-Marie born in 1998 and 2001 respectively. Unfortunately, I separated from their mother in August 2006 and I did regularly see them until April 2012 but have not seen them since.

I love cooking, real ale and golf. On top of this, yes I like fine living, by this I mean, nice food, wine, nice places, and enjoying things that aren’t something we can experience every day……


To find out more about the various things I do or am involved in, have a look here……..

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